Catchphrase/Crap semiotics oldies 61-80

Catchphrase 61Catchphrase 62Catchphrase 63Catchphrase 64Catchphrase 65Catchphrase 66Catchphrase 67Catchphrase 68Catchphrase 69Catchphrase 70Catchphrase 71Catchphrase 72Catchphrase 73Catchphrase 74Catchphrase 75Catchphrase 76Catchphrase 77Catchphrase 78Catchphrase 79Catchphrase 80

About Jamie - VMOdd

Jamie Andrews is a renegade halfwit, writer and ish-artist. Who when allowed out of his cage to be exercised, hangs around the beautiful English town of Croydon. The rest of the time he's sat in a cave, fiddling about with himself and sporadically spewing out creative nonsense on here on his Facebook page and on Twitter.

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